Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I miss you T_T

Uwaaaa :'( I really miss them. Who?

Yes! Them!


You know about them? Of course la yes. But dorg dh tak top skrg. So?

I miss him T_T
His name is CHOI JONG HOON.
The leader of Ft Island

*JH = Jong Hoon
Y = Yan

Y : Oppa, I miss you T_T
JH : Don't be like that yan
Y : Where have you gone for a long time?
JH : I'm just a little busy with my career
Y : How could you forget me :(
JH : Never yan. I never forget you. You're always in my mind.
Y : Really? I'm so touched about that. :) So how was you oppa?
JH : I'm okay. I'm just exhausted. Erghhh =__= How was your result?
Y : Oppa, don't start! I hate that! *merajuk
JH : So cute if you make your face like that :)
Y : Haha. So, puji-puji ni, you want me buy you McD lah?
JH : Of course! That's my girl :)

*wahhh! Prsn over giler XD + org korea mkn mcd ke? :p