Tuesday, April 12, 2011

can you believe it?

Assalamualikum w.b.t kawan :)

You know today is Wednesday. And I wake up too early. It's at 4 in the morning. Amazing right? But I continue sleep and wake up at 4.45 am :) . I'll make it as my new habit I hope so.

Ok, why I wake up so early? Because I'm the penolong setiausaha sidang redaksi, I must type all the reports that Hajar gave to me. Exciting right? --

Oh man, I've dream about something. I dreamt that I went to Tropicana Life's boutique and I buy all their staffs . It's cool isn't? Haha I thought it's funny :) . You know, I dreamt that TL just sells a lot of jeweleries haha so funny -.- and their t-shirts all made from pig skin. Ouch, how can I buy that haram thing? Errrr --'

Ok, I want to blog walking. I'm tired for looking my followers are not increasing from last week. Ok, see you in the evening after my school end :)

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Encik Ska said...

Awalnya bangu, hehe :)