Thursday, October 21, 2010

hey peeps :)

Wow! It's a very long long long time i didn't update this blog? Do miss me? haha, i know that c(:
After the PENILAIAN MENENGAH RENDAH exam, i thought i would more merdeka but it was not happened. I'm very busy with my "tight-schedule":

  • go to school and play-truant . ^^
  • lepak-ing with girls.
  • gossip-ing? Haha, nope. But Korea-ing . c(:
  • Texting with the others. Arghhhhhhhh, i miss texting with Alya Adnan after her handphone had been "gone". Gonna miss you honey :(
  • Yeah yeah! Outing with friends. Gonna be a year i didn't outing with them It'll messing me =.='
So, that's all my "tight-schedule" :)

And now, i don't know what to say. =.='