Thursday, October 28, 2010

another weird day~

Today, i went to school because my family asked me why I didn't go to school yesterday etc etc. So I went there. I hoped there would be any interesting program. And i'm false. Haha. Actually tadi ade ceramah from imam besar masjid Hasanah. He looks young and I thought he must be around 40+ old. But i'm false. He has twelve childs, you know TWELVE! 9 of his childs had married and the others still studying. And 1 more FACT that I can't believe about him. His grandson named Ashraf (i guess) school in the same school with me in five Nurani. I repeat FIVE NURANI. Ok, his grandson older 2 years than me. And know, I want to say DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. DON'T JUDGE ANYONE BY ONLY LOOK AT HIS FACE. Haha.

He give his ceramah about salam, bersin, jenazah and etc etc. Time 1 jam die ceramah, I slept. Boring la gak tapi ustazah kejutkan. Bangun je tidur kple peningpening. haha, padan muka yan c(: . Then i continue dengar ceramah die and his ceramah became more interesting. Die cerita pasal Qarun, Firaun. Haaa, yg tu la aku nk dengar. Kan best dgr crte psl ksh2 nabi ni :) .Ok, then rehat..

After recess, we go back to school hall and ceramah dah hbs. Skrg die buat amali pulak. Die ajarkan cara mengkafankan jenazah. Omar from 3 Aman jdi model. haha. Best je tgk. Then all of boys naik pentas and wt solat jenazah. Sume malumalu kucing. haha XD. Then balik~.. Balqis ikut balik rmh aku :)


Balik je tgk crte Alisa =.=' . Then after the story finished, i took a bath. Fuhhh, lega :) . After that, tak tau ape tgkla blogblog manusia di dunia ni. Tgk blog yana. click this to view her blog. Baca blog yana and menjenguk blog orangorang yang menyinggah di shoutmix aku. And I fall in love with a few blogs that I have viewed. Click this to view her blog. Her name is Amoi. Thanks for singgah my blog :). Her blog was so amazing. I want my blog changed and become like her blog!    
Then I clicked her friends blog. Click this to view her blog. Woww! So cute :) Pink colour like amoi's blog . Oh ye, the owner of the blog is Ryna. I like ur blog! Then I clicked her friends blog. Click this to view her blog. The owner is Alia. I like ur blog too~. Hehe. 

Ok, this is for today. Thanks for reading~ :)